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    For the crowd of all types, from the beautiful wings, to the spots and the stripes.

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    Wear your love of the wild, or add a subtle touch of the untamed to any home or office with these wonderful gifts for all ages. Perfect for baby showers, nursery decor, or just because. (And every product, every purchase, supports wildlife protection efforts.)

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    The most wonderful stories, all set to music.

    Bigger, Faster, Stronger

    Follow the bold and daring on a rhyming journey through the wild in this beautifully illustrated cautionary tale. Filled with eerily tense close calls, perhaps you and the little birds can bring some wisdom to the scene in time for all to make it home safely? There's only one way to find out, but prepare yourself and beware ... some of these characters are very big, very strong, and very, very fast!

    If I Were A Frog

    In this wonderful rhyming poem the reader, while viewing the world through the eyes of various animals, ponders the age-old question of whether or not the grass is greener on the other side. The message is universal. You will love this story! Perfect for all children ages 2 - 102.


    Prepare yourself! This is not a story for the meek or the mild! No, this is the legend of the untouchable dragon, Volcano ... one who has grown quite tired of foolish kings coming his way in search of a trophy. Perfectly illustrated for young readers, and serving as a warning to young knights, this rhyming poem is sure to entertain all ages!

    The Cricket And The Scorpion

    In the cool of a desert night sits a mysterious scorpion, poised, waiting for whoever may come his way ... Dangerously charming and forever patient, will he lure our sweet cricket friend to dinner? Follow a conversation that's just full of half truths to find out whether either is clever enough for the other. This black and white thriller will reach out its claws and grab the whole family's attention! For all ages!

    The Zebra Just Couldn't Decide

    Have you ever wondered why the zebra is striped? We have too! And it looks like we found the answer! All the animals in the kingdom are set to choose their colors, but the zebra just cannot decide. Perfect for readers of all ages and full of encouragement, this vibrantly illustrated rhyming poem delivers a message that everyone will love and that young minds cannot possibly hear enough.

    The Night Before Summer

    Once a year they gather ... No hunting, no fear, only fun! With mysterious shadows as your pack, you, the wild man, and the wild ones romp across the land in this wonderful night time adventure! Perfectly illustrated for young readers, this is yet another instant classic for those who listen wisely to the wind. For children of all ages.

    Fast Flash

    Feel the rhythm as you rhyme your way through the pages of this fully illustrated poem. With catchy alliteration, this one is perfect as a beginning tongue twister! For all ages! Have you seen Flash dash zig zaggin’ in the grass? Always laughin’ when they slash, but no! Not Flash! Have you seen Flash dash? ... So fast!

  • Writing

    Need even more of the wild in your life? I understand ... check out the Tumblr for another couple hundred Tales From The Wild. For the crowd of all types, from the beautiful wings to the spots and the stripes, from the kings and queens of the savanna down to the sugar ants found in your house, and occasionally even some magic and dragons. The adventures are endless, and you are officially invited. Just come ready to run and beware, while most here are pretty friendly it's still best that you're home before dark!

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    Hello and welcome, my name is Duncan Jones, and for anyone wondering where the stories and illustrations come from please meet the wild man. He was the kid who didn't go home when the sun went down, who now runs forever in the long grass and owns the night. He knows the tales in the wind and moves with the great herds. As silent as the tiger and faster than the gazelle, no one has ever seen him twice. I hope you will join me and be entertained in the process! It's a Wild World ... Keep It Wild!

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